name: yannick dauby.
© yannick dauby.
projects: entrelacs.
nation: france.

vita: Born in 1974, near the Mediterraneean Sea and the Alps, France.
• Electroacoustic composition : Since 1995, compose of "Musique Concrete" (a music made with sound materials rather than with notes). About twenty pieces, solo or collaboration, have been published by various labels and played during numerous concerts or international festivals. Collaborations with many sound artists. In 2001,Electroacoustic composition diploma from the National Conservatory in Nice, France.

• Field recordings : Particuliar interest for sound recording of natural or urban situations and unusual acoustic phenomenas. Each excursion is the pretext of a sonic gathering, and often leads to the realisation of a phonographic collage and performances. Many solo publications or participation in compilations about phonography and nature sound recording.

• Improvisation : Since 1998, participation in various groups and workshops devoted to free forms of improvisation, using mainly found objects (natural and/or artifacts), electroacoustic devices and computer-based systems. • Digital audio and networking experiments : Interest for experimentation concerning unconventional listening situations, digital audio technologies, generative and/or interactive environnements, sound installations and unusual equipment (such as ultrasonic or piezoceramic transducers). Regularly works with video artists. • Pedagogy and transmission : Between 1999 and 2003, worked as assistant at AudioLab, sound studio of Villa Arson, International Art School in Nice, France. Participation as a teacher in various workshops and conferences concerning audio artistic practices, in school, universities or independant contexts.

• Reflexion about environment and perception : In October 2006, will start a thesis (phD at National History Museum of Natural Sciences, in Paris) concerning “Animal Phonography”. During the year 2005, works for city of Lyon, in the mission about urban animality. In 2004, obtained a Master Degree in Digital Arts, concerning the Shared Soundscapes (text available online at Interested into the relationship between humans, animals and their shared habitats, from an anthropological and ethological point of vue. Produces or participate in audio documentaries about these subjects.



Yannick Dauby and taiwanese visual artist Wan Shuen Tsai are collaborating in a process of gathering, in urban and rural context. By exploring Landscapes and Soundscapes, they collect traces : sounds events, moving or still images, subjects for drawings, various found minerals, organics, artifacts. By manipulation, reconstruction or recontextualization of these elements, they try to evocate some impossible locations, to translate hidden human activities, to reveal the invisible in the cities. Possible forms are : architectural environments, audiovisual performances, on-line publications, computer-based installations and documentaries.

Yannick Dauby, Christophe Havard and Hughes Germain. An artistic project of sound experimentation linked to the exploration and exploitation of architectural spaces, the realization of unusual devices for electroacoustic diffusion and improvisation practices. This project develop its activities during some periods of intense impregnation of the choosen locations. The interventions are mainly devoted to the construction of uncommon listening situations. Amongst the means used are the vibration of air volumes as well as the solid materials that constitute the working space. The whole experimentation process is conducted in the presence of an audience, in order to favour the meeting and exchanges.

A duet with Michael Northam (U.S.A.). A hybrid of phonography, improvisation and intuitive composition. Our sound compost consits of : dried chardons, needles piercing leaves, obsidian shards on strings, rocks in piles and alone, bowed escargot and cardboard, overtone voices, piano wires loosly dangled, steelwool inbetween stereo contact mics, manipulated resonate chambers, field recordings, computer sound transformations and an amplified chimney sweep. But without these descriptions the listener is left to an acousmatic landscape disconnected from distinct associations and subsequently plunged into chasms of fragile space, dynamically suspended energy and intense sonic stratifications that move through territories not often traveled by musicians. processes involved seem to belong more likely to mineral or vegetal realms rather than to a human one.

statement: about the nekton falls

i am confused...
i grew up near the mediterranean sea, spending a lot of time in the water, in a region which is almost totally covered by concrete because of real estate speculation and mass tourism. some of my child's dream included the meeting with cetacean while diving and becoming oceanograph. that was quite optimistic. now, that i am involved into music and media arts, i am trying to find some way to draw near again to these ambitions... fishery industry uses trawler nets, lethal for dolphins. 5% of the population of delphinus delphis is killed each year because of these techniques. in france, the company "petit navire", one of the very few that seems to be ruled by more conscient people, is selling thunny fish meat in these very common blue tinbox with childish boat. everyone eats thunny fishes, but very few people knows even what does it look like... the filmmakers of "blue planet" told about their movie that they didn't want to be too pedagogic or to give too much warns to the public, because it is ignorant. so they made a spectacle with emotional symphonic music... still about cinema, since "little nemo", the aquarium market exploded (60% more that the past year), most of the tropical fish bought for children are picked from pacific area, using poison cyanure that destroy coral reef, and are reserved mainly for exportation to the united states. one solution against the practice is supposed to be the breeding of tropical fishes. i recently spoke with a zoosystemician, very capable in genetic engineering, about TK-1, the taiwanese glow fish. he was provocating me, telling that this animal is a gadget and doesn't matter. he saw in a french research center a genetically modified trout big as a table. let's imagine an enterprise that could have this biotechnology... he also said that scientific researcher can't have conceptual and philosophical tools to judge their responsability in their work... what else ? i am wondering if someone on earth knows what was the taste of a dodo, i am also wondering what did feel the human that ate the last one... last year i moved, and i am currently living 200 km from ocean. it miss me every day, but what does it represent now, just my favorite playground like a wide open marineland ? japanese fishery companies still hunt whales in international waters. because it's their tradition, they said, even if this meat is so expensive that it is a luxury product. the official reason why japanese government support this hunt is science : 450 whales killed each year just for studying them. iceland is also wanting to start this kind scientific campaign. but 90% of the icelanding whale hunt is for exportation to japan market... some biologists found some interesting things in pet's food in japanese market : dolphin meat. dolphins killed for feeding cats and dogs... and keiko is dead of pneumonia. this killer whale (in fact orcinus orca don't belong ro whales but to dolphin's family) was the movie star of "free willy", and didn't survived one month after being released... between 1925 and 1975, 1.5 millions of whales were killed. there is only 3000 left rorqual bleu (the biggest animal living)... i was fishing with my grand-father twenty years ago, bringing back small fishes for cooking by my grand-mother. now i am afraid by buying dead things. do i prefer listening to snapping shrimps while swimming underwater or eating them frittered with pineapple (a delicious meal that make my girlfriend)... 24% of knows mammals are endangered of extinction. ecologist say "biodiversity is decreasing", some biologist say "when we create genetically modified animals and plants, we are creating biodiversity"... there is no public debate, only moral militantism and hidden, hypocrit marketing strategies from lying companies... i read all the informations mentionned above trough the internet and i am typing on my needful computer, but what are the environmental consequences of its construction ? i sincerely don't know what to think and what to do.

discography: Selected discography

Solo works :
TW04-05 (CD - Editions ȮE - France - 2006)
Trois phonographies de présence animale en milieu urbain (3" CDr - UniversInternational - France - 2005)
Alisen (CD - Clouds of Statics - Switzerland - 2004)
La rivière penchée (vinyl 12” - Alluvial Recordings - USA - 2004)
Low Valley (CD - Editions Ellipsis - USA - 2004)
Sarus crane circling above (CDr - BOXmedia - USA - 2004)

Participations to compilations :

Sonatura #1, #2, #4, #5 (CD - France) #1, #2, #3, #5, #7 (CDr - USA)
The Walls are Whispering #3 (Eetapes - CD - Belgium)
Another kind of language (And-Oar - CDr - USA)
Fear Drop magazine #11 (CD + interview - France)
Xing-Wu (CD - Malaysia)
lowercasesound compilation #2 (Bremmstrahlung Recordings - CD - USA)

Publications in collaborations :

with Michael Northam : Underleaf (CDr - S'agitta - Italy), Cynorrodhon (vinyl 7" - Drone Records - Germany)
with Christophe Havard : Live at Bar des Oiseaux (CDr - And/Oar - USA)
with Thomas Köner : Col de Vence (CD - Mille Plateaux - Germany)
with pizMO : pefalm (CD - Tiramizu - France), IP (CD - Tiramizu - France)
with Alio Die : Descendre cinq lacs... (CD - Amplexus - Italy)

Last events :

04.2006 improvisations. Heddy Boubaker (Fr, saxophones), Yannick Dauby (phonographie). Librairie GrandGuignol, Lyon, France.
03.2006 Emanate with Hitoshi Kojo (Jp), Michael Northam (Usa) and Wan-Shuen Tsai (Tw). Lausanne (Le Bourg), Genève (Cave12), Suisse.
03.2006 The world as an instrument. conference + performance. (curator : Francisco Lopez) MACBA (Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona), Spain.
01.2006 cUncert-X. performance + installation (15 days) with Volume-Collectif association. Athénor, Saint-Nazaire, France.
01.2006 1/60ème participation. Atelier de Création Radiophonique, Radio-France.
12.2005 Animal sounds diffusion. Fête du Chien-Lumière, Communauté Urbaine GrandLyon, Lyon.
11.2005 GEPS - École Régionale des Beaux-Arts de Rennes : workshop, conference and courses about soundscapes.
11.2005 Volume/Collectif : conference/performance. Athénor, Saint-Nazaire.
11.2005 Coup de klaxon, coup de bec. with Olivier Féraud. Audio documentary France-Culture, Surpris par la nuit, Radio-France.
07.2005 Shejingren with Wan-Shuen Tsai. One-week intervention at Wistaria house (installations and performances).
06.2005 Shejingren + Christophe Havard. Audio-visual performance. Festival Resonances, Athénor, Saint-Nazaire.

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