name: serge devadder.
© serge devadder
nation: belgium/germany/austria
vita: Serge Devadder (Brussels, 1966) has been composing electronic music for two decades. Among his projects are live performances, a game-soundtrack and a collaborative work with vidnaObmana titled The shape of Solitude (CD on Multimood Records, 1999), which featured extensively treated guitar. His ambient textures are often loop-based and improvisational in nature.

statement: Nivôse

“Nivôse was part of a project originally commissioned for a dance performance. The self-imposed “rule” for these pieces was that I was only allowed a single sound source or instrument. In the case of Nivôse, I chose my dusty old Yamaha CS-15 analog synthesizer. As its name indicates, the track calls associations with winter and extreme cold – it should work for oceanic depths too...”

discography: vidna obmana & serge devadder - the shape of solitude (multimood 1999, cd mrc 027)