nekton falls.


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Nekton Falls

This 3 x CD concept album contains exclusively produced soundscapes from 26 artists/projects from 10 countries, all inspired by the relationships and interactions between mankind, environment and sound over the seas and continents. "Nekton Falls" is the scientific term used to describe the process of dead sea organisms dropping to the bottom of the ocean, rotting and eventually turning into food for a new generation.

Well-known ambient artists like Mick Harris aka Lull, Mathias Grassow, members of Kapotte Muziek, and young talents transformed into music their experiences of how eating habits influence an artist. Special interludes were conceived for each track, combining them all into an uninterrupted stream of music. A 3-course menue of sushi for your ears is prepared, 210 minutes total.

Are you hungry?

Feed : Back : Recycling!

To be released on 14th of september 2006 on sonic dragon in cooperation with mbira records & on lap records.

the cd-project:

track no. track title artist duration
I. intro_v.01.   222.
II. flaschenpost. clemens presser & fietsche einselbock (germany). 1330.
III. interlude_v.01.   147.
IV. cetaean lethargy. yannick dauby (france) 605.
V. interlude_v.02.   115.
VI. organic transformation. gianfranco grilli (italy). 1043.
VII. interlude_v.03.   41.
VIII. that which swallows transfixed pivotements while pursuing the descendent past the tawdry veil of fangs. das synthetische mischgewebe (germany). 951.
IX. interlude_v.04.   23.
X. plankton state. blaerp (germany). 653.
XI. interlude_v.05.   33.
XII. dandelion dreams. hypersleep (germany). 644.
XIII. outro_v.01.   352.

XIV. intro_v.02.   316.
XV. benthos_a. seetyca (germany). 1034.
XVI. interlude_v.06.   23.
XVII. kffx. error (germany). 402.
XVIII. interlude_v.07.   19.
XIX. the inharmonic heater. nerthus (germany). 1322.
XX. interlude_v.08.   25.
XXI. funnyfoodfactory. niki neecke (switzerland). 908.
XXII. interlude_v.09.   22.
XXIII. tran. herpes deluxe (switzerland). 721.
XXIV. interlude_v.10.   11.
XXV. feed-back recycling. etheocles stevens (canada). 446.
XXVI. interlude_v.11.   155.
XXVII. waiting for the new flesh. i:wound (germany). 716.
XXVIII. interlude_v.12.   13.
XXIX. C01.AE.alt2.010702. scott gibbons (usa) and socetas raffaello sanzio (italy). 1013.
XXX. outro_v.02.   130.

XXXI. intro_v.03.   24.
XXXII. [untitled]. the oval language (germany). 130.
XXXIII. interlude_v.13.   30.
XXXIV. klankschap #10. frans de waard (netherlands). 402.
XXXV. interlude_v.14.   46.
XXXVI. quelques mtres du glacier d'orny. mnortham (usa). 648.
XXXVII. interlude_v.15.   13.
XXXVIII. thanatos springs. roel meelkop (netherlands). 637.
XXXIX. interlude_v.16.   19.
XL. birsay. franziska baumann (switzerland). 514.
XLI. interlude_v.17.   42.
XLII. just below wixford. mick harris aka lull (england). 1217.
XLIII. interlude_v.18.   36.
XLIV. tower of babel. N (switzerland & germany). 846.
XLV. interlude_v.19.   23.
XLVI. the earth rocks. mathias grassow /w. carsten agthe & siegmar fricke (germany). 947.
XLVII. interlude_v.20.   56.
XLVIII. nivose. serge devadder (belgium/germany/austria). 558.
XLIX. outro_v.03.   206.